An Insult For Christmas

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An Insult for Christmas

You call tell a just and civil society by the way it embraces diversity, rejects discrimination and avoids offending people, especially on the grounds of race, religion and sexuality.

This rule applies especially to people and companies who are in the public eye, as they have a responsibility to NOT use words or phrases that cause offence, hurt and division.

The principle that people should stop using words or phrases they know are offensive and disrespects a person’s belief or religion, applies whether you are a Christian or not.


Please sign this petition to stop the public insults of the name/title Jesus Christ in the lead up to Christmas. (Note: Jesus is His name, Christ is His title)


What was the Insult?

One of the companies owned by the 'Seven Network’, newspaper The West Australian published an article in the lead up to Christmas 2017 by using the name Jesus Christ in a very offensive manner. It is hard to comprehend how a reputable media organisation would insult Christians, especially at this time of the year which is a time of joy all over the world when we celebrate the birth of Jesus.

The West Australian published an article by the journalist Neale Prior about 50 tips to save money. The following 'tip' is very offensive.

36. The JC Test

Don’t believe use-by dates. Try the Jesus Christ Test for stuff such as yoghurt, milk, meat, cheese and breads that have supposedly expired. Open the package and sniff inside. If you don’t shout out “Jesus Christ” in shock at the smell, it is probably good to go. That said, cook meat all the way through and shave mould off bread before toasting.

Many believe the West Australian newspaper is promoting hate speech masked as humour.

A simple test of your principles are illustrated if you substitute Jesus Christ for Mohammed to see whether you are hypocritical or not.

The West Australian newspaper have been approached to explain how they came to the position that (religious) discrimination laws apply to everyone except practising Christians and hate speech is OK if directed at practising Christians?

Weeks later the West Australian newspaper has refused to respond to this question.


Please sign this petition to show your support for Christians worldwide to stop this religious discrimination


Please sign this petition because at Christmas time especially, Jesus is a person deserving of respect and not ridicule.


Don’t forget to forward this petition to your friends and all people who believe discrimination is wrong.



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