Seven Billion People Today : How Many Tomorrow ?

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Seven Billion People Today : How Many Tomorrow ?

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According to the United Nations, by the 31st of October 2011, there will officially be seven billion people on the planet. The last major milestone which occurred in 1999 took this count to six billion and it has only taken 12 years to add an additional one billion people! Just as a reminder - the first billion milestone was reached only in 1800, tens of thousands years after the first appearance of man on Earth.

Moreover, the perspective is alarming because the UN has just revised upwards its future growth projections. Indeed, it previously projected a stabilization of the population in 2050 at 9 billion people and has subsequently revised this to around 9.3 billion by this date with a projection to exceed 10 billion by 2100, without any stabilization at this level.

While the planet took tens of millions of years to form resources such as fossil fuels, these resources have been consumed in just over one century and we are currently living on credit from our future generations. As a consequence we are condemning future generations to devoting their resources to repair the damages inflicted by us to the Earth today. We have caused the sixth extinction of biodiversity on the planet (97% of the world’s tigers have been killed in only one hundred years, fish stocks have collapsed and most mega-fauna is endangered). As the planet warms inexorably as a result of our activities, drinking water is becoming scarce and we are struggling to feed the current population. The continuing population growth will lead mankind into destruction!

As a result a question arises: are we powerless in this situation or can we do something about it? You should know that UN projections for 2050 include three fertility scenarios, producing three different population levels: a low hypothesis leading to 8.1 billion individuals, an average one (9.3 billion) and a high one (10.6 billion). The low estimate can be reached if we act to make a better world, both in terms of food provision and preservation of the environment.

Some of these actions are well known :

  • education of young women in poor countries (which generally lack male literacy and educational levels),

  • spread of family planning, including free access to contraception (30% of pregnancies are undesired)

  • and finally the spreading of culturally appropriate messages to encourage mankind to moderate reproduction, alerting people’s behaviour and providing information to give people choices away from larger families.

Given all this, we sincerely request you to lobby your representatives in your country to implement the democratic action points above, as well as helping to finance other initiatives, to try to stabilize world populations.

Petition proposed by the association Demographie Responsable.


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