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Actively show Labour's 10 pledges so that people know what they & Jeremy Corbyn stand for.

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The Labour party, through their Leader Jeremy Corbyn, have made 10 pledges to transform Britain. These pledges have the potential to affect the vast majority of the population in a very positive way. However, these 10 pledges are terribly "sign posted" on the website, with no obvious, visible links. Visitors to the website would be hard pushed to see what the party actually pledges to achieve if elected to government.

As the party is seen as being a weak opposition to the governing Conservative party, a clear view of how the Labour party offers a genuine change to the current harsh austerity measures currently imposed by government would help to dispute that view.

By not showing these important pledges, the impression of a divided party is further enhanced. If the party were to promote these pledges it would show a high degree of unity and support for their twice democratically leader's agenda.

The page in question is:

It is not clearly sign posted and does not prominently show up in relevant searches for them, when conducted by a member of the public looking for party pledges.

Also, when this page is linked to on social media, the "preview" image is not entirely fitting to the content. This could be greatly improved upon.

I have also tried searching their site for who best to contact about this, but useful information is not easily found.

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