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A large Guinea Pig Support Group, and a pillar of the British Guinea Pig Community, is at risk of closure due to a negligent environmental health investigation that is blaming them for a local rat issue, despite the exemplary conditions they are being kept in.
Iggle Piggle Guinea Pigs has been the passion and focus of Jane Evans for the past 5 years, providing a home to unwanted and unloved guinea pigs, as well as special needs animals that cannot be kept without the in-depth knowledge and care she provides. She has built up a strong, supportive community that provides information and assistance to guinea pig lovers, owners, fosterers, and rescues around the country.
Unfortunately, two unannounced visits from Settle, the tenancy association who manages Mrs Evans house, has decided to blame her and the guinea pigs for an ongoing rat issue in the area of Letchworth, where she is based, without proper investigation or the opportunity to rectify any highlighted issues – the only evidence of Rats is a chew damage in the floor of one shed, which has been repaired. There are no other signs of Rats, including any droppings. The keeping of the animals in no way violates her tenancy agreement.
Despite RSPCA approval for the conditions the 200 rescued animals are kept in, as well as personal family pets and show animals, Settle has insisted that all animals have to go by 20th February, with no room for negotiation, despite terms in their own tenancy agreement stating there is a 6 Month Period for changes to be made to resolve these issues, and all inspections must be announced 24 hours prior, at minimum. This is not possible in a reasonable amount of time, excluding the fact that there are several special needs animals that cannot just be rehomed anywhere.
This unfair decision has been a massive blow to Jane, as well as her family; these guinea pigs are more than just animals for them. They are their life, passion, and love. For their children it is also a vital part of their social life; from interacting with the pigs on a day to day basis, to going out to the shows and educating people – even taking the guinea pigs out into the local community as therapy animals. Removing these animals would be detrimental to them, as well as pose a massive welfare issue with rehoming that number of animals without any due concern for their wellbeing.
Please sign this petition to oppose the unjust and unfair decision of Settle, without a proper investigation or room for negotiation.

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