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Petitioning Philadelphia District Attorney Seth Williams

Seth Williams, Philadelphia District Attorney: Prosecute former police lieutenant Jonathan Josey for assault

On September 30, Philadelphia Police Lieutenant Jonathan Josey was seen punching Ana Guzman from behind at the Philadelphia Puerto Rican Day Parade. After a YouTube video of the incident went viral, Josey was put on desk duty. However, on October 3, Police Commissioner Charles Ramsey announced that he was suspending Josey for 30 days with intent to dismiss.

While Josey's firing is more than justified, it doesn't go far enough. Josey took at least six steps toward Guzman before punching her. While hitting a defenseless person from behind is bad enough, this is well beyond what could reasonably be considered an act in the heat of the moment. The video shows that Josey had more than enough time to confront Guzman in a less violent manner.

Moreover, if the average person were to take six steps toward someone before punching them, it would rightly be considered assault. This is no different. For these reasons, Josey must be brought up on assault charges.

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