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Stop Animal Cruelty

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ExplMy wife called me Thursday night (Jan 17th 5:30pm) crying and told me that our dog had dug out of our backyard into our neighbors (SETH DAVIS) yard and he shot and killed her. I was working out of town at the time (Shattuck, Ok) as we live in OKC. My wife said that the neighbor who is a young guy about my age walked up to her and said “Hey your dog was in my back yard so I shot her, I just called animal control and the cops and they are on their way". My wife started bawling and tried to get in his back yard to look at the dog to see if she could save it and he wouldn’t let her back there. Animal control shows up and so do the cops. By this time I’m driving from Shattuck back to OKC to see exactly what is going on. He told animal control that the dog got into his back yard and he felt threatened so he shot her. Also the neighbor next door on the other side (a lady my age 27) actually witnessed him shoot her. The lady said that "SHE" had actually been the one who went to his (SETH DAVIS) front door and told him that my dog was in his back yard. So he she said he proceeded to open up his back door and shoot my dog point blank.( Not where she got out of 15 yards away, he literally called her over to back door/porch and shot her from inside) The neighbor lady said that the dog was not growling much less even barking. She just wanted to play, and he just shot her in the heart with a 22 caliber pellet gun that he had pumped up 30 times. The dog’s name was "HEIDI" she was the sweetest dog in the world. She was a little 25-30lb Boxer female who my wife and I have had for 3 years. Literally would not hurt a fly. We have no kids so our 3 boxers are our kids. Anyways, animal control did not file a report and neither did the cops. When asked why, animal control said it was the cops’ job and the cop said it was animal controls job. So by this time I get home(8:30pm) to find the neighbors on the right side of Seth’s house(the lady who saw him shoot her and her husband) and the neighbors on the left side of our house all standing n my front driveway crying and wondering why he did this. My wife is crying her eyes out as her baby had been killed for no reason. My wife and her friend and another neighbor were home in my house whenever the dog got out. All Seth had to do was walk over and say "Hey your dog is in my yard" and they would’ve gotten her. Instead he shot her. So we all stand there looking at the dog. I decide to tell my wife we should either bury her or have her cremated. That night the ground was so cold and hard that we just decided to cremate her. So I load the deceased dog up in my wife’s car and her and her friend head the after-hours vet to have her examined and cremated. So After they, leave Seth pulls into his driveway and I’m not going to lie I was so mad I was going to punch him. I walk over to him and asked him why he did that to my dog and he literally took off running. (This guy is 6'6 240lbs and played football for OU a few years ago btw) I chase him probably 30 feet. He then proceeds to turn around real quick and pull a gun on me. So I stopped and then proceeded to take steps back. By this time we are not on his property at all nor on mine and I have zero weapons. My little brother was in the garage and he saw what was going on so he ran over there and was trying to stand in front of me so I wouldn’t get shot. I grabbed my brother and we walked back over to our yard as I yelled and screamed at him as I was very upset. His wife was standing in his garage at this time on the phone with the cops and my brother was on the phone with the cops as well. He continued to point the gun at me even though he was in his driveway and I was in my yard probably 30 feet away. Now get this here is the kicker. The same lady that saw him shoot my dog was standing outside during all of this as was her husband as was 3 other separate neighbors who can all testify that I had no weapon and that he pulled and pointed a loaded gun at me then my brother as well. During all this I asked him why he would do such a thing and he said that my dog attacked him. If my dog attacked him then where did she attack him? He could not answer this and had zero wounds. What part of his body and why did the neighbor lady witness it and say otherwise? So Approx. 7-9 COPS so up. They have us both put our hands behind our backs to find that he’s holding a gun and I have zero weapons and a few of them walk me in my house and get my story while the rest of the cops get the witnessing neighbors stories as well as Seth’s story. We sit there for 2 hours telling the cops what went on. The cops finally decide to not arrest anyone (Including him who pointed a loaded firearm at me) nor me. Again for a second time in one night, NO POLICE REPORT was made. My wife and I have called animal control and "SANTA FE" PD as we live in OKC address but pretty much live in Moore to see why no report was made. We just don’t understand. We realize that he can say whatever he wants about the dog making him feel "threatened" and he is justified because she was on his property. But my main concern is how did he get away with the second stunt, scot free with no punishment? Is it because he used to play football for OU and is above the law? Also we found out a few days later that he is an ex “Deputy Sheriff Trainer” so he obviously has connections with the law. We plan on going to the D.A and maybe even getting a lawyer. I plan on making a huge deal about this, because we live in a gated community (Williamson Farms) and now the neighbor lady who witnessed this is scared for her kids because if this guy will pull these two stunts then what else is he capable of? When he first walked up to my wife and told her what he had done he was not only rude about it but showed zero remorse. Also the after-hours vet that my wife took her corpse to said that he definitely shot her point blank and that she suffered and choked on her own blood for 30 minutes and that if he would’ve just come over and told my wife that the vet could’ve saved her My wife has been sitting at home crying for the past 3 days as have I. We just want our "kid" back or want justice for this act of cruelty. Either way something has to be done. Thank you so much and we hope you guys find it in your hearts to help us with the Police report matter and expose this cruel human to all of OKC and to our neighborhood to make it a safer place. Thank youain why someone should support this petition

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