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The threat of climate change is real and there is not enough time left to save the Earth. The Intergovernmental Panel Climate Change Report ascertains that human beings are the cause of this rapid climate change. Therefore, if we don’t do something about it right away, then our food, water, livelihood and living standards are all at stake!

Last year, it took a single Cyclone Amphan to affect the lives of 13 million people and cause $13 billion in damage. States like Uttarakhand and Himachal Pradesh are witnessing frequent landslides and cloudbursts. Maharashtra has received incessant rainfall in various districts. There’s extreme heat and cold conditions across the country - high time we act on this.

I have introduced a bill - The Council for Climate Change Action Bill, 2021 in Rajya Sabha in 256th session of the Parliament. It demands the following - 

  1. The government should immediately set up a National Council of Climate Change Action that should be headed by the Prime Minister and consulted by the Union Environment Minister, all the State Environment Ministers and climate change scientists. This council should have equal importance as the GST Council or the NITI Aayog.
  2. The National council will have the powers and functions to evolve a coordinated response to issues relating to climate change at the national and state level, to prescribe a target of Net Carbon Account for the year 2050 in accordance with international obligations, if any, agreed to by India amongst others.
  3. Setting up State Council for Climate Change (referred to as the State Council) by the State Governments, consisting of three members who are experts in the field of climate change or in such field as may be determined by the State Government in every State headed by the Minister In-charge of Environment, Climate or any other Minister.
  4. State councils will have the powers to study, enquire into, and do research upon the problems and issues associated with climate change, amongst other relevant functions. 

If you sign this petition, then I will take your voice to Parliament, to show all the political parties and leaders of the country how many Indians want this Council for Climate Change.

My party, Shiv Sena, is already committed to act against Climate Change #ClimateChangeCouncil. Sign and share my petition today so as to get all political parties to act on this.

As a Member of Parliament, I urge the citizens to share their suggestions here on my online petition and also on my twitter handles @priyankac19 @Priyanka_Office with the hashtag #ClimateChangeCouncil

5,103 have signed. Let’s get to 7,500!