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Set up FEMA Emergency Alternative Housing in the Rockaways NOW

Since Hurricane Sandy tore through New York City over six weeks ago, tens of thousands of people in the Rockaways have been living without heat, electricity, or running water -- and now freezing temperatures and a mold epidemic could threaten their lives.

Unless FEMA steps in right away, children, the elderly, and the sick could be in danger of hypothermia as they are exposed to freezing nighttime temperatures. To add to the crisis, mold-infested homes are causing serious health problems for families who have nowhere else to go. Rockaway residents with no access to heat or electricity urgently need alternative housing that will keep families safe from the elements and away from the spreading toxic mold infestation.

It's reported that full power may not be restored to the Rockaways any time soon -- which is why it is so vital that the city dispatch emergency housing and supplies immediately. Please sign this petition right away and share it with everyone you can to help save lives in the Rockaways before it's too late.

This petition was started by New Yorkers for Sandy Relief, a coalition seeking to bring attention to the needs of people in the Rockaways following Hurricane Sandy. Members include: Astoria Recovers, Brooklyn for Barack, Brooklyn Movement Center,Chelsea/West Village for Change, Democracy for New York City, Downtown for Democracy, Greater NYC for Change, Hell’s Kitchen for Change, Interfaith Assembly on Homelessness and Housing, Manhattan Young Democrats,McManus Democratic Club, Metro New York Health Care for All Campaign, New Latino Movement NYC, Progressive Democratic Club of East Harlem, Queens Mamas, Riverside Edgecombe Neighborhood Association,Tribeca for Change, Upper West Side Democrats for Progress, Village Independent Democrats, Women’s Information Network NYC, Working Families Party, Respond and Rebuild (list in formation).
This petition was delivered to:
  • New York City Mayor
    Michael Bloomberg
  • New York Emergency Operations Center Coordinator
    Chris Tuttle
  • Director of the Office of External Affairs at FEMA
    Jessica Smith
  • New York State Senator
    Joe Addabbo
  • Secretary of U.S. Dept of Housing and Urban Development
    Shaun Donovan
  • Assemblyman Phil Goldfeder
  • State Senator Malcolm Smith
  • City Councilman James Sanders
  • NY State Governor
    Andrew Cuomo

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