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Set up a free or cheap transportation system between NYU-Poly and NYU's campuses.

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NYU-Poly students are now considered NYU students and have full access to NYU facilities and resources. So why are students at NYU-Poly at a disadvantage, having to pay full price for transportation to NYU's campus?

The only viable option currently available for NYU-Poly students wishing to visit the NYU campus is taking NYC subways, which would take approximately 15-20 minutes to arrive at the campus of choice. Students going between campuses will spend quite a significant amount on transportation alone over the course of a single year.

Now, apply this to the thousands of students in NYU-Poly, and you have a massive amount of money being inconsiderately wasted on transportation. Each student pays over $600 a semester as a "University Fee" for the ability to use NYU's facilities, so it seems only fair to make using those facilities a simpler, more appealing, enjoyable, quicker, and less costly endeavor.

A subsidized transportation system would equally benefit NYU students who travel to NYU-Poly. There are many students in NYU who are required to take classes located at NYU-Poly's campus. Why should they be paying for transportation to their classes? It should be funded for by part of the fees they pay each year to NYU.


Additionally, a subsidized transportation would facilitate the merger of NYU-Poly students into the general NYU student body. With easier access to both campuses, NYU-Poly students can more easily attend NYU events and classes, participate in NYU clubs, and visit friends. The same holds true for NYU students who wish to go to NYU-Poly's campus.

For students attempting to contribute to NYU's society and involve themselves in campus life and events, the transportation limitations as they are now, simply discourage such contributions. This makes communal growth, social activity, and a smooth merger of NYU students with NYU-Poly students difficult. This transportation limitation is the only major remaining component of the merger that is truly holding back NYU-Poly students from fully integrating into NYU's community. 

As Greyson Michael Nevins-Archer (Jacksonville, FL) wrote, "Transportation between the campuses will allow for greater cross-campus unity and end the NYU-Poly segragation."


As per the quote from NYU-Poly's NYU Merger FAQ

"At this time, no dedicated, free transportation system is planned to connect Brooklyn and Manhattan locations... Going forward, a dedicated transportation system may be considered if demand warrants it."

With this, NYU-Poly has guaranteed consideration of the initiative, if we show enough interest and speak up about it, such as via a petition.


A sensible solution to this problem would be issuing to students subsidized metrocards to pay for the subway rides, with the funding coming directly off of the University Fee that each student has to pay each semester. The MTA has a program which offers discounted metrocards to schools for their students; this would seem like a smart approach and a solution to the problem. The subway system, albeit irritating, is reliable and efficient.

A second possibility would be having a system set up where students can "swipe" their metrocards once they reach the school and, if it recognizes a train ride use within a set period of time, such as within the last hour, then it would discount or refund the ticket cost by adding credit back to the card or to the student's account.

Another consideration may be setting up a shuttle bus to travel between the two schools at designated times throughout the day. This option is less desirable due to traffic and environmental concerns. While a shuttle bus may just be a few buses, it does generate pollution. In contrast, the subways have a negligible carbon footprint, because they're electrically powered, and the majority of that electricity comes from hydroelectric power. NYU and especially NYU-Poly, which is taking large steps to "go green", should pride themselves on setting a good example of environmental responsibility.


What follows is a comment posted by Christopher Froelich (Brooklyn, NY), a supporter who signed this petition, and just one of numerous examples of people who would considerably benefit from a subsidized transportation system:

"All main campus NYU students have tons of benefits by being close to school. They get Safe Ride and a bus system that takes them everywhere they need to go, basically. If they get these benefits while paying the same as a Poly student, then it only seems fair for Poly students to get the same benefit. Maybe free MTA cards? I have spent more than $500 in MTA cards just trying to get to main campus. I am also involved in Greek life which requires me to come up from Brooklyn to main campus at least 5 times a week - If not more, if i want to go to NYU sponsored events! It would be fantastic if NYU could support us in traveling costs. Knowing that we don't get the same benefits as main campus NYU students do, just because we live in Brooklyn, makes me feel like a second-class student."


Austin Hunt (Brooklyn, NY) describes the situation as it stands:

"Though Poly students will soon be fully merged with the NYU body, we won't be fully assimilated. Providing subsidized/cheaper transportation will better help us connect with the NYU student body.

Furthermore, I anticipate on joining NYU clubs and pursuing a minor in a different school within the university. Five dollars a day, for nearly 140 instruction days, for several years, adds up to too high of a financial barrier for me. I'm sure many of my peers feel the same way.

Though we all appreciate the benefits associated with the merger, this extra step would especially go a long way in furthering our NYU college experience."


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