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Set the Course for our Children's Future -- Sign the Petition!

With a new president on the horizon, we have a renewed opportunity to take our country's energy economy in a bold new direction that will confront the climate challenge with the clean energy technologies and jobs that will also protect and restore the natural world we leave to our children.

Please sign the petition to President-elect Obama, urging him to take the decisive action needed during his first 100 days in office to usher in America's clean energy economy.

Letter to
President of the United States
It’s time to Repower, Refuel, and Rebuild America.

We need to get our economy moving by building a clean energy future. We applaud your efforts to make energy a top priority, and urge you to adopt these goals: Move to 100% electricity from clean sources such as wind and solar. Cut our dependence on oil in half.Create 5 million new clean energy jobs.Reduce global warming pollution by at least 80%.We call on you to introduce a plan in your first 100 days that will reach these goals, and to utilize the federal budget and any economic recovery package to get us started.

As supporters of the National Wildlife Federation's mission to protect wildlife for our children's future, we ask that your actions to recharge America's economy also serve to restore the state of our natural world. This includes strengthening safeguards to protect America's wildlife and natural resources from global warming, and demonstrating U.S. global leadership on a fair and effective climate treaty.

During your first 100 days and beyond, we'll continue to look for your leadership to demonstrate that safeguarding our wildlife and natural resources today will serve as the backbone to a healthy economy for generations to come!

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