Sesame Street Preemie Episode in November for Prematurity Awareness Month

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We’ve all grown up watching Sesame Street right? It’s been an amazing staple of a lot of our childhoods. It’s taught us so much and given us so much entertainment. Sesame Street has always addressed topics that are prominent in our society from Racism to Homelessness to Autism. How cool would it be to see an episode dedicated to Preemies? 

Every year 1 in 4 babies are born premature, that is an estimated 15 million babies each year. Can you imagine how many families have at least 1 or 2 Preemies in them? I’m sure if you asked everyone you knew, someone would know a Preemie in their own family or from someone else’s. 

Preemies come in all sorts of shapes and sizes. There are micro Preemies who are born 28 weeks or fewer and those born before that time are just considered “regular” Preemies. No two Preemies look the same (well, unless they’re twins of course!) or have the same exact journey. 


Sesame Street has been an educational and impactful staple in the lives of millions of people. Their platform sheds light on many educational and important topics. Dedicating an episode to Prematurity Awareness will not only educate kids and adults on the topic, but it is an amazing opportunity to give Preemies all around the world an opportunity to see themselves being highlighted on television! How awesome is that? Representation matters so much, especially for our children who are young, bright, and impressionable.

Highlighting Prematurity on Sesame Street will help educate thousands—or maybe millions of people on the topic, start important conversations about Prematurity nationwide, and help encourage Preemies all over the world to be the proud of their resilience and strength and comfortable in their own skin. 


Supreemie Baby Founder, Nico Shanel, has partnered with the Founders of Our Little Preemie, Shatoya Lewis and Latoya Lewis- Young, Together they are on a mission to make this episode possible. We need your help!