Lack off wheelchair accessible taxis

Lack off wheelchair accessible taxis

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Started by Jade Kelly

My names Jade living in strabane. 
I am an eclectic wheelchair user and find it extremely difficult to get accessible taxis in the town when required 

I struggle with this issue a lot. I see the odd one floating about the town but when I phone it’s not available. Where sometimes like everyone else my trips are spontaneous. On the slight chance I get one I would have to book days in advance 

In no way with this petition am I slandering taxi firms as I’m good hearted and not like that but I’m at the point of frustration and I really only ask for equality which is what wheelchair users deserve. I don’t just speak for me I speak for everyone. 

I’m hoping this petition will make a difference 

Would greatly appreciate any help i can get. 

18 have signed. Let’s get to 25!