Service Delivery in Charlton Park

Service Delivery in Charlton Park

2 July 2022
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Why this petition matters

Started by Concerned Citizen

Water Supply 

Install water supply facilities in Charlton Park. Note that most residents have started and others completed erecting structures in the area without water.  Such is violation of their rights already as they have bought 'fully serviced' stands.


The provision of a proper waste drainage system is necessary.  It is imperative to note that the works aligned to drainage are linked to a viable water supply system. 

Road System

A good clear cut road network to be intertwined as per city plan to provide links to and from different points in Charlton Park, is deemed necessary. All residents henceforth must have access to a good serviced tarred road service (as per urban area set up regulations) 


There is  a threat of rapid outbreak of diseases and severe related illnesses if habitants continue living in the area without water and a properly installed drainage system. 

As if  that's not enough, it is going to be difficult to ferry the affected population to the nearest medical facilities for either diagnosis or treatment. 

It is easily noticeable as we already have problems getting adequate  transport services per se for school kids, let alone the bread winners, hence the utmost need for good roads in our area. 


It is without prejudice and also fair enough to attribute the provision of the above mentioned services for Charlton Park to Zimbuild Property Investments as the sole developer of Charlton Park.

Also of note, is the fact that the developer has labelled the area "fully serviced" which was in fact misleading the final consumer into buying the ill-serviced land.


While trying to overlook such dubious means to obtain funds from unsuspecting and innocent residents by the developer,  Charlton Park community reserves the right to be informed what kind of reasonable time frame that the developer needs to achieve and accomplish all the outstanding mandates. 

We, in solidarity, wish to inform the developer that we will support all positive embarkments that are designed to take our residential area from its undesirable status quo to a safer and better place to reside.

By the same token, we will not welcome poor service delivery nor shall we rejoice in long unreasonable time being taken to achieve what was already stated to be initially available. 

Good service will take your name up the corporate ladder as the developer and establish a warm and strong relationship with all parties involved.

We expect to hear from you as the developer in the next three weeks. Fairly, if we do not get any feed back, we are obliged to take the legal route, though not a desirable one. 

We thank you in anticipation as we hope that you will do the right thing. 


Charlton Park Residents



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Signatures: 20Next Goal: 25
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