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Serve The People Not The Party: STOP The Government Shutdown, COME to Political Compromise, and PROCEED With Progress

As a Community Congress and Campaign For The People of New York City and, essentially in this matter, of The United States of America, 

The People's Effort finds The Government Shutdown to be a "Real Issue", to which a "Real Solution" lies within civil action from The People; so, to discover, discuss, engage, and address this Issue, we must turn to The People of New York City and The People of The Nation to take that action. And, Here's How.

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  1. Ending The Government Shutdown,
  2. Coming To A Sound Compromise on a "Clean Debt" Bill To Avoid The Country From Financially Defaulting,
  3. Coming To A Sound Compromise on a "Clean" Funding Resolution 
  4. Coming To A Sound Compromise on a Fiscal Budget By The End of The Year 2013, and
  5. Proceeding With Progress and Compromise on The Real Issues That Affect and Afflict not only The People of New York City, but also The American People.


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Thank you for coming together and supporting this petition and pledge, and always remember:

As a citizen, one can make a difference.

As a union of citizens, one can make the difference. 

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