Letter of grievance from Dreamz and Gruhakalyan Victims

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Dreamz as per news reports booked flats and sites from around 2000+ customers (please note 2000 only dreamz customers) and the money involved is more than 2000 crores because on an average customers paid 10 lakhs advance and people who invested in Dreamz are around 2000, which comes to around 2000 crores. TGS customers are not included in it, one can imagine how big the figure will become if they are also added. 

The trouble started from the very beginning in 2012 when people booked flats but even after waiting for so many years , the projects were not BBMP approved. The problem escalated when the promised date of handover the property or registration of sites did not go smoothly. Customers started to force the company to return their booking amount. But lost all the money.