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Change the Property Tax System in New Brunswick

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Is it fair that we pay property tax on the contents of our homes - like our fridges, our stoves - after we have already paid sales tax on them?

Is it fair that we pay property tax on real estate fees (because these fees are included in the price of the house)?

Or how about on the HST from the sale of a newly purchased home?

While it is not clear how Service New Brunswick comes up with their assessments of our homes' value, it IS clear that the property tax system in New Brunswick is severely flawed and needs to be fixed. Homes are assigned property values seemingly at random, without consistency either within neighbourhoods or between those neighbourhoods using similar municipal services.

As such, we respectfully request that the Minister initiate reform of the property tax system, such that there is:

  • A formula that all homeowners can use themselves to anticipate future tax costs and make financial decisions accordingly;
  • Accessible, easy-to-read website and transparent materials that enable the homeowner to understand the system;
  • An alternative governance model for a reformed system, that includes citizen participation; and
  • A working group of taxpayers that steward the reform process, in addition to citizen engagement on possible changes.

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