Serenity Alert- A National missing children’s alert for children who aren’t Amber Alerts

i am a single parent of a 13 year old boy who is with me full time i was in a kamart in hollywood florida some years back with him he was about 5 i heard a voice, little boy come here (i was all of 2 feet in front of him) he started walking towards the voice i heard again little boy come here help me, i called my boy to me he headed back to me a few mins later same voice my boy started walkign towards him, this time i grabbed my son put him in the cart went racing towards the voice but it was gone circled the store as fast as i could looking for the man my son never identified him to me, a few years later in murfreesboro tn i was walking him home from school and someone driving by started taking pictures another time that same year around halloween a man walked around the property of every apartment on the property that had a punpkin outside and a childs bike and stuck a dollar in the pumpkin for every childs bike on the porch

Ray Harrington, Murfreesboro, TN, United States
11 months ago
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