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End Body Shaming in the Sequoia Dress Code

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After attending the campus control policy assembly this year, it has become clear to me and many other female students that many of the dress code rules are unnecessary, excessively restrictive, and frankly support ideas of sexism, body shaming, and rape culture. Behaviors commonly associated with rape culture include victim blaming and sexual objectification. Telling girls that they should cover up to avoid being objectified is pervasively spreading the ideas of rape culture and sending a message to boys that unwelcome behavior or advances are ok simply because of what a girl is wearing. Telling girls to cover normal body parts like their shoulders, legs, back, or stomach because “boys will be boys” is not ok. Telling girls that simply by existing, they are a distraction, is not ok. A girl wearing a halter top that exposes her shoulders and back is not going to lower anyone’s test scores. In addition, the dress code policy is enforced very inconsistently, both within the female student body and the student body in general. About 80% of dress code rules apply to girls only. Me wearing a shirt that shows an inch of my stomach isn’t ok, but a boy can walk around wearing a “bro tank” that shows his nipples on the side? I don’t think bro tanks are a problem, but the fact that they are allowed while certain articles of clothing that are frankly much less distracting aren’t is simply unfair. The “fingertip length” shorts rule is also not ok, not only because of the reasons discussed above, but also because not every girl has the same length of arms and legs, so different girls can get away with wearing different lengths of shorts. Also, when it’s hot, we should be able to wear shorts without worrying about if we are considered a “distraction”. If we are being objectified for wearing light clothing in hot weather, it is not our problem and we should not be shamed. Schools all around the country deal with similar issues, and if we can make things better, we can inspire others to do the same. If you have anything to add, please say it in the comments!

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