Stop using Canvas in Sequim High School

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Sequim High School has recently begun to use Canvas more for literature classes to turn in assignments. Many students here have begun to hate Canvas, and want to go back to paper.

Using any type of technology is unreliable and expensive. Canvas is confusing, slow, and buggy, sometimes taking hours for one assignment to upload. Just while writing this petition, the website deleted everything I had written randomly, further proving my point that technology is unreliable and buggy.

Not every student is fortunate enough to have access to internet and a computer at home, and not everyone has a car, gas, or time to go to the library after school to access a computer. Requiring students to use Canvas from home is requiring them to purchase a computer and good internet monthly, which is very expensive, and not every family can afford this.

Canvas itself is unreliable. For example, it took me about an hour to upload a two minute video to Canvas for one assignment I had. Without Canvas, I could've not even filmed the video, since the teacher watched me perform, and she could've just graded it while I performed. Canvas requires a student to write out an assignment, then type it, then go online to submit it. There are now added, unnecessary steps to submitting a simple piece of paper. Without Canvas, students can hand a paper to a teacher, and have it be done.

Canvas doesn't work in a high school setting. Using Canvas should be optional at the very least. Many students dislike using Canvas and dislike turning assignments in online, and some cant because they cant access it from home.