10 August 2022
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Started by Freedom Coming


Cyril is a Satanic Agent of WEF & WHO that pushes the Depopulation Agenda and Vaccine Economy

Many South Africans were compelled or forced to vaccinate or lose their jobs if they refused to vaccinate. Many people living in South Africa took the vaccine because they were coerced to either vaccinate or lose amenities.
The RSA government under the Cyril Ramaphosa administration threatened people living in South Africa that if they did vaccinate or without vaccine certificates they wouldn’t receive grants and any other state benefits, or they would be denied access to public clinics, libraries, universities, and not be allowed entry to soccer stadiums. Consequently, about 37 million healthy and innocent South Africans
 were vaccinated against their wishes. Heartless and deadly 
Cyril Ramaphosa is planning to lockdown the country in October 2022 or soon after he is re-elected as the ANC president on 16 December 2022.

The JYNNEOS vaccine is approved for the prevention of smallpox and monkeypox. More info on the JYNNEOS Vaccine is on,Monkeypox%20Vaccines,protect%20against%20smallpox%20and%20monkeypox In addition, another vaccine called ACAM2000 vaccine is approved as an alternative to JYNNEOS. More info on ACAM200 is on

We must shut down the country in order to force Cyril Ramaphosa to resign in order to stop the US-Europe agenda of using Cyril Ramaphosa to destroy the South African economy and force more South Africans to be vaccinated against their will, and as a result, suffer from incurable chronic diseases or die, and more to lose jobs if they refuse to be vaccinated. Cyril Ramaphosa is an advocate and an agent of the New World Order agenda that want to forcefully vaccinate our children and cause them to suffer and die from heart attacks and strokes, as part of the WHO and WEF Depopulation agenda. The only way to save our children from being forced to vaccinate is by shutting down the country until Cyril Ramaphosa resigns as the RSA president.

Cyril Ramaphosa must resign, before the end of September 2022, if South Africans are serious about protecting constitutional supremacy and the rule of equitable justice, protecting the sovereignty, dignity, and economic stability of the RSA,
and taking back the power to the South African people.

People must govern. 

South Africans from all walks of life are sick and tired of the double-standard, dishonest, technocratic, and dictatorship-based Cyril Ramaphosa's hypocritical governance, leadership style, and the current ANC National Executive Committee members who are badly governing the country, protecting the USA-European Blue Eye Boy (Cyril Ramaphosa) who is disparaging, violating, derogating, subjugating, and thwarting the supremacy of the RSA Constitution and the Rule of Law. Cyril Ramaphosa is abusing his offices and he is serving the best interests of the colonial, imperial, and the New World Order agenda that is spearheaded and enforced by the G5, G7, and the best interests USA-European countries' economic interests, instead of serving and protecting the sovereignty and economic interests of South Africa.

In June 2021 a total of 73,180 soldiers from the South African National Defense Force (SANDF), were deployed from 2 April until 26 June 2021, to unjustifiably roam around the South African street, during the COVID-19 lockdown.

According to the former minister of Defense Force and Military Veterans, Nosiviwe Nqakula, taxpayers' money (wasteful expenditure) of R4.5 billion was spent on the aforesaid deployment of soldiers. This resulted in an unaudited wasteful expenditure of R4.5 billion.

If we keep Cyril Ramaphosa as the RSA president, the unprecedented mass killing of black people and gang raping of innocent South African women, will increase, the 2.4 million job losses will increase to 5 million job losses by end of 2024, and will continue to have a useless Police Minister, Bheki Cele whose office has spent more than R2.8 billion on hotel accommodation, entertainment and catering since he took office in May 2019 until June 2022, while South Africans battle with rising unemployment, food crises, and fuel prices hike. (   

The 2021 RSA Auditor General's Audit Report found that the R500 billion allegedly used for COVID-19 has not been properly accounted for its justified use. About R150 billion expenditure from R500 billion allocated for COVID-19 was justifiable expenditure, and wasteful expenditure of R250 billion was incurred without any justifiable proof of expenditure.

On 13 July 2022, state enterprises minister Pravin Gordan defended the sale of a national carrier, South African Airways (SAA) for ($3) R57, and under his leadership during the 2021 financial year, Eskom suffered an inexplicable loss and wasteful expenditure of R11.7 billion. 

On 15 February 2022, when Cyril Ramaphosa marked four years in leadership, the Star Newspaper characterized Ramaphosa's performance failure as - (1) Load shedding,  (2) Unrest and bizarre fires, (3) Unemployment at high, (4) State Owned Entities are crumbling, (5) Porous borders, (6) Dosing securing cluster, (7) Higher gender-based violence, (8) Violent crimes on the rise, (9) Shocking murder rates,
and including(10) Rampant corruption. Above all else, Cyril Ramaphosa has a plethora of criminal cases opened against him which among others include
– (1) Money laundering,(2) Tax invasion, (3) Kidnapping, (4) Torture, (5) Fraud,
(6) Corruption, (7) Racketeering, and (8) Bribery or any other economic crimes involved.

On 31 August 2021, South African citizens represented by 23 civic societies, religious, and political organizations, marched to the Union Building and delivered their memorandum of demands, and demanded that Cyril Ramaphosa must resign.

Subsequently, nineteen (19) different organizations comprised of civic society organizations, church formations, and political parties, marched to the Union Building held on 29 July 2022, and handed over the memorandum of demands, which was received and signed on behalf of the RSA presidency by Mr. Shonisani Mudau, and cosigned on behalf of the South African citizens by the representatives from the following organizations: (1) Activists Movement of South Africa (AMSA), (2) African Freedom Revolution (AFR), (3) African National Revolutionary Youth Group (ANRG, (4) African National Congress (ANC), (5) African People First (APF), (6) Black First Land First (BLF), (7) Freedom Alliance South Africa (FASA), (8) God Church Must Rise (GCMR), (9) Independent Liberation and Allied Workers Union (ILAWU),  (10) National Peace Commission (NPC), (11)  National Freedom Party (NFP), (12) Our World Now (OWN), (13) Peoples’ Revolutionary Movement (PRM), (14) Real Democracy, (15) Street Traders and Vendors, (16) US The People, (17) Unemployed Qualified Educators, (18) Unemployed Graduates, and (19) the Unemployed Workers Union (UNEWU). 

The memorandum of demands handed over to the RSA presidency demanded the following: 

1. President Cyril Ramaphosa must resign by no later than 12h00 pm, on Sunday, 
31 July 2022. 

2. Petrol price reduction to below R15 per liter tax inclusive, within 48 hours.

3. Put an end to load-shedding and cancellation of all ever-green coal supply Eskom contracts.

4. No privatization of Eskom, SAA, and the SABC Radio Stations.

5. Private investigation into the alleged corruption of the Glencore RSA.

6. Establishment of a state-owned nuclear system company and state-owned coal mining company to supply Eskom with Energy.

7. Appointment of inter-ministerial joint national special crime basting task force comprising Ministry of Defense and Military Veterans, Minister of Police, Minister of Intelligence, and Minister of Home Affairs to put an end to the sporadic mass killing or mass shootings in South Africa and to deporting illegal and legal foreign nationals residing in South Africa who don't possess any special and scarce skills required in RSA.

8. An immediate withdrawal of the US soldiers that are roaming around South Africa.

9. An end to all gender-based violence and speedy conclusion of all GBV opened cases.

10. An independent audit of R500 billion allocated for COVID-19 in 2020, and all subsequent IMF or World Bank loans that were taken by Cyril Ramaphosa's administration and the provision of proof of expenditure and enforce consequences for any associated corruption and wasteful expenditure.

These organizations stated that any relevant authority's failure and/or refusal to recall Ramaphosa, the national shutdown, and rolling mass actions were intended
to commence on 1 August 2022 in order to compel their resignation. This eminent national shutdown and rolling mass actions if not taken seriously by the national leaders may escalate to the citizens' arrest of president Cyril Ramaphosa, which may be followed by the citizens' arrest of all ANC NEC members, and if that also fails, the Sri Lanka Revolution may ensue.

The September 2022 national shutdown and rolling mass actions are about to unfold until such time that Cyril Ramaphosa resigns as the RSA president.

This petition is mooted and promoted by the coordinating task team on behalf of the 19 organizations that marched to the Union Building on 29 Jul 2022, to secure and solicit public support and endorsement of the proposed national shutdown and the citizens' arrests as set out herein.

We hereby supplicate your signature(s) in support of the planned to take place in September 2022 national shutdown and rolling mass actions, please sign and circulate widely this petition.

By signing this petition you are also supporting the call for the citizens' arrest of Cyril Ramaphosa including the citizens' arrest of the ANC Top 6 leaders for defending Cyril Ramaphosa and also the citizens' arrest of the entire ANC NEC members for refusing and/or failing to recall Cyril Ramaphosa and defending crime, corruption, and the malicious destruction of the South African economy, state-owned entities, and South African sovereignty.

Please sign and circulate this petition, we need at least 1, 000 000 (One Million) signatures. 


Thank you for your patriotism.

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Signatures: 15,519Next Goal: 25,000
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