Sephora stop selling real fur lashes

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We are asking that Sephora withdraw the sales of cruel mink eyelashes, of which they stock multiple brands and label “cruelty free”. 

Sephora is a well-respected and progressive brand, and stocking mink lashes, which are so deeply soaked in animal suffering, conflicts with the company's image.

Mink lashes are not a "byproduct". Mink lashes are a direct product of cruelty to animals.

To insinuate that minks are "simply brushed" for their fur is misleading and innacurate, as there are no controls or regulations for this practice, and ultimately they are the product of a lifetime of suffering and horrific death on fur farms worldwide.

Minks are raised for their fur in tiny wire cages. They go insane from captivity, pacing the small area relentlessly. They cannibalize each other on a regular basis.

This horror only ends for the minks when after months they are killed by gas chamber, or neck breaking. 

The environmental pollution produced by fur farming is another catastrophic aspect. Fur farming pollutes the surrounding ecosystems with gases from incinerating carcasses, and the nearby soils and streams from poorly regulated environmental controls and runoffs.

Tell Sephora to discontinue the sales of mink eyelashes. 

Because if you wear real mink lashes, you’re supporting the fur trade. 

Where mink lashes come from

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