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Hello I am one to take care of a lot of cyber cases for multiple kpop groups actresses and actors on my own free will I am most commonly known as IBTSPROTECTION . I am making this petition to engage fans , the companies who manage them , and Korea’s government to pass a law protecting entertainers from the following 

sasaengs, malicious comments online,  protection from leaks, protection of idols personal information! And to require entertainment companies to take initiative in protecting whose those who are signed within their company 

those who can be sued...  Sasaengs/stalkers ,employees within the entertainment company and those who post/send malicious commentary online weather private or public 

 We want to enact / create a law called 


 through our investigations . We have discovered that employees of entertainment companies  leak information to those who stalk and post malicious comments to idols trying to ruin their image due to this the guilty continue to do what they do 

causing entertainers to leave the company , entertainer suicides , and depression 


we would like to enact it and make it known ensure employees outside of founder of these entertainment companies are not allowed to receive personal information of the entertainers (If not given the entertainment company shall pay 100 million to the entertainer) This will also require that the companies give idols/entertainers  “work phones” to ensure safety of private information and sanity of their signed entertainers with these work devices shall management and other employees with permission from entertainer themself  contact their entertainer promptly  . Along side the entertainment companies being required to take initiative when a idol/entertainer  brings a topic involving their mental or physical health immediately 

we would also Like to create  this law to ensure those who violate the entertainers  privacy have no chance of parole or grace ...  and no way of paying or bribing (by sexual intercourse , money ,drugs, or blackmail etc) perpetrators of this act shall be required to serve 60 years in prison without parole or grace. Those who are within the company that are involved in these acts shall withdraw their employment immediately and shall not work in a similar field in the country of South Korea ever again 

This act shall only be enacted when the company or the person/persons suing collected enough valid evidence to enact this act/lawsuit. This is open to the public, the entertainers  and to entertainment companies and the public to enact 

those who are settling the case shall have no contact with either parties or outside sources unless in the courtroom In front of suspects .. to ensure the case isn’t tampered with. If this is discovered the perpetrators of this act shall spend 40 years in prison. With out parole. ( if denied the suing party is allowed all Personal and business records and can ask for monitoring during the investigation period of all devices  ) if late after evidence is proven  to be deleted by the judge / lawyer they must withdrawal their position in their field and shall never work in the Field anywhere in south Korea ever again 

to those that violate a companies wishes by stalking, trading and selling and spreading personal information of entertainers (this includes employees)   shall  spend 50 years in prison without a chance of parole or grace 

IBTAPact should only be enacted in serious cases. This can be enacted by ... the public the companies , and the entertainers. 


0 have signed. Let’s get to 100!
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