Petition to Include X1 in the Review and Evaluation of the 29th High1 Seoul Music.

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On December 9, 2019, the 29th High1 Seoul Music Awards (the “29th SMA”) officially announced the nominees and opened the poll to vote for, among others, the Rookie of the Year Award (“ROTY Award”) of the 29th SMA. Per the 29th SMA, the criteria for the final winner of the ROTY Award is 40% from the judging panel and SMA organizing committee, 30% from the album and song sales (according to Gaon Chart), and 30% from mobile votes (the “SMA Criteria”). X1 was included in the list of nominees.

On the same date, the 29th SMA also announced that “anyone who loves K-Pop can only vote in the High1 Seoul Music Awards official mobile voting APP”. Voters could secure 3 free daily tickets, and supplement these with additional tickets gained from watching advertisements, and tickets purchased with coupons. Users of the official mobile voting APP could vote as much as 5 times a day for each category. This was later increased to 10 allowable votes per category.

Apprised of the above and fueled by the fervent hope of securing the ROTY Award in X1’s favor, One Its consistently voted in the official mobile voting APP of the 29th SMA and purchased significant amounts of coupons to exchange for voting tickets in order to vote for X1.

However, in its notice dated January 6, 2020, the 29th SMA informed the public that in view of the announcement of the X1’s disbandment, SMA will not be able to give an award to the group, to quote: 

“As reported recently, the disbandment of the 'X1' has become officially announced. Therefore, we inform you that it is impossible to give awards or performances on the stage based on the results of the voting. Please refer to this when you vote.” 

The foregoing announcement came in after the official statement from CJENM that the group has been disbanded, without any initiative to offer refunds to users who purchased voting tickets to vote for X1. 

However, since the opening of the poll for the ROTY Award of the 29th SMA, it is important to note that fans have already purchased a considerable amount of voting tickets and have already used these tickets to vote for X1. 

Furthermore, no rules regarding the eligibility of winners were provided by the 29th SMA, and the basis for X1’s exclusion from the awards remains unclear. It is also submitted that while X1 has been disbanded as of January 6, 2020, it cannot be denied prior to this date, which is the period under consideration for the 29th SMA, X1 as a rookie group has successfully broken numerous records in terms of album and song sales, and the failure by the 29th SMA to take account of this clear and indisputable fact compels the voters who voted for X1 to submit this Petition in order to prevent any further aggravation of the prejudice that the members of X1 has suffered. 

This Petition, therefore, seeks to gather the voters who voted for X1 to ask for the reconsideration of the foregoing position of the 29th SMA, and demand that X1 be included in the evaluation and the review of the winners of the ROTY award. 

In the alternative, this Petition seeks to demand the 29th SMA to refund the voters who purchased voting tickets considering that such purchase was made with the intention of delivering the ROTY Award in favor of X1, and their exclusion from the said evaluation and review renders the foregoing impossible. 

If you support the foregoing Petition, kindly sign the petition and attach proof of your purchases of voting tickets.Proof of voting tickets