Help prove that Zachary Harris (Darkzel) was an experienced artist

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Help prove that Zachary Harris (Darkzel) was an experienced artist

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Haemaru Lawfirm started this petition to Seoul Central District Court

Dear friends, family and fans of Zachary Harris (Darkzel),

My name is Jae Chang Oh, and I am a Korean lawyer working on Zachary's case. I work at Haemaru Law Firm and we represent Kimberly Apperson, Zachary's mother in her claim for compensation for damages for the tragic car accident that led to Zachary's death. 

Current Status of Things: 

Since Zachary's death, our firm has worked really hard to prove to the judges of the Seoul Central District Court that he should be treated as an experienced artist. However, the court rejected our argument and said, "although Mr. Harris has majored in Art as part of his undergraduate degree, other than participating in some art activities during college, he has no professional experience, [...] and his income will be calculated based on the starting salary of an art professional".

The Court also rejected our argument that Zachary's salary should increase with time. They responded that there was no objective evidence to prove that his income was likely to increase with time. This means that they are going to treat it as if Zachary would have earned the starting salary for all the years that he would have worked with no increase. 

Although we are not going to make public what this "starting salary" is, we can tell you that it is a lot lower than what we feel he and his family should be entitled to. This is because we believe that due to his talent, strong fan base, potential, experience and published works, there was a great prospective for him to develop into an amazing artist with a high income, had he lived on. 

Many of Zachary's family, friends and fans have reached out to me in support of him, and have agreed with no question, that he should indeed be treated as a professional artist with experience. But as many of them are based in the U.S., we understand the practical difficulty in bringing them all here to Korea to testify for Zachary. So, we decided to start this petition to demonstrate to the judges in the Seoul Central District Court that they should give recognition to the fact that he was an artist with professional experience

For your convenience, here are some of Zachary's published works:

- Dangerous (2003) #2
- Furrlough (1991) #150 
- Genus Male (2002) #5 - #9
- Bootleg (2000) #17 - 'Ranma 1/2 Parody Issue'
- The Royal Tail (2012) #1


How signing this petition will help us:

Once we get 100 signatures for this petition, we plan on submitting this to the Seoul Central District Court as evidence to demonstrate that he should indeed be treated as an experienced artist. If the court accepts this argument, it is likely that we will receive a more just compensation for his death, than has already been given. 

Sign this if you believe Zachary should be treated as a professional artist and fall into any of these categories:

- You are a fan of Zachary's work, and/or 
- You have read/seen/purchased Zachary's work, and/or
- You have worked with Zachary in any way 

More information about our firm and the work that we do can be found at:

If you have any enquiries about this petition or would like to provide more information, please send an e-mail to Mr. Oh at

We appreciate your co-operation and thank you in advance for signing this petition. 

Best Regards,

Jae Chang Oh  

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This petition had 128 supporters

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