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30 years given without a fair trial

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In December 2004, Jane Doe made a false report stating that a "black man" attempted to rob her. She stated that she was hit and that she used the panic button on her car keys to "scare" her intruder away. The 911 recorded calls are unable to pick up the sounds of the alarm and when the police arrive, they find her fine with no marks, swelling or any proof that she was physically attacked. After she reported the  "description" of her attacker, Detective Henderson took her to the place where he believed the suspect resided. Detective Henderson took her to the residence of and couple whom he had previously arrested the husband years prior. Detective Henderson's involvement should have never been approved because it was a "conflict of interest". Upon his arrival, he explains to the wife that he had "reason to believe" that her grandson fit the "description" of the suspect who robbed Jane Doe on 12/4/04 He requested that her son Stacey step outside the residence in order to be ID's by the victim. He agreed. When Jane Doe saw him, she was sure that he was the correct person whom robbed her HOWEVER both of this parents were able to prove that in fact Stacey had been home all day on the day of her attack. After Stacey was cleared, 52 days later (almost 2 months later)this same Detective Henderson lines up 6 pictures for Jane Doe to review.  Those pictures included a picture of Stefan Armstrong, whom has been in prison now for 12 years because of this case. When Jane Doe asked if Stefan was 5'9", Detective Henderson stated "Yeah" and he also made the following statement. "He is also wanted for armed robbery in your area". Jane Doe at that times chooses Stefan Armstrong as her attacker. Stefan Armstrong NEVER received a fair trial because many proceedings that needed to be done before people could testify to the fact that he was not present during the attack that Jane Doe claimed to have happened, were not handled correctly according to the law that is supposed to be "innocent until proven guilty" Stefan Armstrong had no chance and was sentenced. Less than 30 days later, Jane Doe moves and starts a life with Mr. Doe and begins a family. They were able to go on with life while their lies put away Stefan Armstrong who remains innocent. Stefan lost out on raising his own son and lost family members along the way. As times became harder and the financial need increased, his family simply "gave up" on the hope of Justice being served. We now have brand new evidence in his case and need your help in reaching as many people as possible. We have limited resources but will stop at nothing until Justice is served. Detective Henderson needs to brought to Justice! Jane Doe and her husband Mr. Doe need to confess that what they said was untrue and face that fact that they took away 12 years of Stefan Armstrong's life. 

July 2016-Present

I have continued to work day and night to bring Justice to Stefan Armstrong. I have exposed the many illegal workings of the prison system and the mishandling of Stefan Armstrong even to the great degree of improper medical care, denial of mail and negligence of proper nutrition. We have been unable to move forward in progress for 6 months due to affidavits not being signed by the proper persons. Please help us make a difference by signing and sharing this petition TODAY!

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