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Stop Sonya Cady!

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My Parents have lived next door to Sonya Cady for years. Over the years her mental health has steadily declined, she has become an extreme animal hoarder, and has been hanging dozens of home made signs up in front of her house shaming and degrading people including my mother and father using their first and last names. The latest to fall victim to her signs is the late Cpl. Jason Dunham a hometown hero who sacrificed his life for his comrads. He was awarded the highest honor for his bravery. Sonya states on her sign that he is not a hero and that the bush administration has lied to us all. There are many signs calling out people such as neighbors, law enforcement officers, DA's etc that I can't even begin to name them all. She spews hate on all her signs and does not sensor herself. The animal hoarding has gotten very bad as well. She owns numerous dogs (she in breeds them) so I can not tell you how many she is up to, 2 horses (which live in a small circle without any shelter and have no grass because they have been in the same place for so long that it is nothing but a mud pit), she has at least 50 rabbits that's she uses regular size cages and sections off into 4 very small boxes and keeps them in, they can not stand, turn around or move, she has dozens of cats she keeps in her sheds that are also in very small cages that never see the light of day, she also owns peacocks, chickens, ducks, a sheep, goats, ect. All these animals are kept on less than an acre of land in cages too small, or with no shelter at all. Her dogs have broke loose and tried attacking my mother numerous times, they have also killed a baby goat of hers and my mom had to watch and listen helplessly as the dogs tore it apart, one time her dog chased a chicken onto my parents back porch and killed it right there. My parents can not even eat outside because the smell is so bad from her animals waste. We have seen dog carcasses thrown by the fence to rot away like it was nothing but garbage. She is infested with rats most of the time and will kill them and pile them along the fence to rot and to make my parents smell them. She has threatened to shoot my parents and anyone who comes on her property. My parents have tried desperately to get her the help she needs for her mental issues, and has tried to save those poor animals who have endured so much pain and suffering at the hands of her. They have contacted the SPCA, AG and Market, DCO, NYS Department of Health, The Scio Town Board, the NYS troopers, the mental health chapter, and the DEC. No one will do ANYTHING. No one wants to get involved with her. This has been going on for years and we finally had some news coverage on part of the issue on 6/21/17 when the media caught wind of the Sign she posted about our hometown hero, but they did not do any coverage on her animal hoarding. Please try to help these animals and my parents and her other neighbors by signing this petition and showing that there are people who aren't willing to turn a blind eye to this! We need as many people as we can get to fight this. There are many other things that this woman is doing that breaks the law but I simply can't keep typing everything. 

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