Sensitise Caste system education

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We believe the National Council of Educational Research and Training (NCERT) approved school syllabus (Class 6 - Social Science History: Chapter 6 Kingdoms, Kings and an Early Republic) does not adequately sensitise students about the historical impact of caste system in India.

Why treat Caste system topic with sensitivity?

Varnas (Caste system) of late Vedic period are treated as one among the events in history of ancient Indian sub-continent where as it is very much a living reality in modern India.

Though Caste system is a meta-physical concept and many would ignore its current day relevance, as its inglorious past and continuing discrimination is not sufficiently covered by mainstream media [video - warning disturbing graphics].

Why the topic of "reservation" be covered in the same syllabus?

Many fail to appreciate why the Drafters of the Constitution of modern India felt that "reservation" should be provided in higher education and in public sector jobs. This is fundamentally attributed to how we have failed to sensitise our young generation on the dark chapters of our history in order to develop self-critical thinking.

Where the current educational system fails?

Caste education should not be treated as a multiple choice question whereby the students study it only from the perspective of an exam and diminish the discriminative nature of the Varnas setup in the form of impertinent "critical thinking task questions". Refer Image attachment on how a multi-choice question has been framed in Central Board Syllabus Examination (CBSE) for Class 6 students. 

How can we sensitise our students and better educate them?

It should be a felt experience on what it means to be discriminated and a critical evaluation of their understanding (of the exercise outcome). We strongly believe this will make better individuals and be a stepping stone in bringing about equality among the Citizens of India.

Why educate children about the dark chapters of History?

Any history has a good side and a dark side. Children should be exposed to the dark chapters of our ancestors' lives and continuing under-reported caste discrimination in order for them to grow up to be better individuals and not repeat the same mistake by teaching them the consequences. Denying our dark past is as good as denying Casteism never existed when it still continues to exist in one form or the other in our daily lives.

Why this is our collective responsibility?

It is the duty of the privileged Class to provide a helping hand to the not so privileged people or to those ancestors who were purely discriminated based on their birth and labour. This is to drive a message that people cannot be taken for granted based on their birth or labour. It is imperative that we impart the importance of treating fellow human beings with dignity and respect.

We hope the NCERT board members take our consideration and work with appropriate Organisations representing the oppressed communities in drafting a syllabus that is more sensitive about the issue of Caste system in India and prevent asking insensitive questions in the name of testing children's critical thinking.

Thanks for signing our petition and to help make India a better country.