No Virtual Graduation for class of 2020

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         Today, I’m reaching out to because I simply do not want a virtual ceremony for my one and only high school graduation. I know many senior out there feel the same way and I’m doing this to bring all of us together and make our voices heard. This past month I been filled with a lot of emotions not knowing what is going to happen next. Us senior have worked pretty hard this past 12 years of our life and we were all excited and getting ready, planning ahead for our big day, just to get told we are probably going to have a virtual ceremony. I truly believe this is not the way we should say good-bye to this chapter in our lives.

I’m pretty aware of how dangerous COVID-19 is and I been following every update. I know how dangerous having a large ceremony like graduation could mean for the health of many of us. But sitting behind a screen for your “great graduation” isn’t the solution either. 

           All I’m asking if the ceremony could really be moved. I’m willing to wait just to have a real-life ceremony. If I don’t make it, then I believed we would all want a refund. I remember working a lot just to get enough money to pay off only my graduation because it was the most important event I had to look forward to. I don’t want to know that all this money is gonna be used to pay off a virtual ceremony. A ceremony we can’t feel. At the end of the day we are all humans and need each other. Please sign this petition to avoid any virtual ceremony’s that our schools have in mind.