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Turn off the copy protection on non-premium cable channels please.

If you own more than one TiVo with a CableCard, the TiVo units can be networked to allow programs recorded on one unit to be viewed in another room. The way Cox has things configured on many of their systems, it makes it impossible for me to transfer a show recorded on my living room TiVo to, say, the one in my bedroom.

At present, the only channels that are consistently marked copy-freely are channels that could be received with an antenna. Only shows recorded from those channels can be transferred between TiVo boxes with the current configuration.

Cox can easily make this change - indeed they did so in Phoenix on 11/3/2011. They reverted to copy protection without warning on 11/12/2011.

Please permanently re-configure your non-premium cable channels so that TiVo users may transfer the recordings.

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  • Senior Vice President and General Manager
    J. Stephen Rizley, Cox Cable

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