Communication and Planning for CGHS Senior Class 2021

Communication and Planning for CGHS Senior Class 2021

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Senior Parent started this petition to Archdiocese of Miami Kim Pryzbylski, Ph.D. and

November 1, 2020

TO: ​Archdiocese of Miami, Principal Oscar Cedeno- CGHS, President Thomas Mahon-CGHS

FROM: ​Parents of the Senior Class graduating 2021 of Cardinal Gibbons High School

RE: ​Senior Class Communications, Activities and Concerns

As parents of the upcoming graduating class of CGHS, we are expressing our disappointment in the lack of communication concerning any planning or response to the current Covid crisis as it affects our children and your graduating students. Many parents have inquired with no response.  While everyone is aware of and appreciates the difficulties brought on in the current environment , we are now almost halfway through their senior year with no announcements or certainty of plans for action to make up for this very important time in their lives. Our students have been at a disadvantage with the lack of testing and college preparations so additional guidance and support has been warranted but not forthcoming.  

Most of these students have worked hard to get to their senior year, whether in sports or clubs or honor societies. We recognize that the limitations of the County in which we live affects the ability to do the things they would normally have. However, there are still ways to bring recognition and do activities to mark this important time and stay within the guidelines. Yet we have heard absolutely nothing from the school. It is heartbreaking that the achievements of our children are being largely ignored by this school to which everyone has given. Many parents have invested in this school with not just tuition but donations, involvement and time. Some of us are alumni and many have multiple children as students. We as parents have paid for the Catholic school experience which should be better than our peers and yet we do not witness any evidence of this happening, which is possible even within the guidelines. We fail to understand how other high schools are able to offer their students so much more than CGHS, including public schools. There never is a lack of communication for fundraising or disciplinary actions but little else that is positive makes its way to the students. Yet it was important to send out communication that you would offer no discounts to families, when your expenses are clearly less due to lack of full time students and no activities.

We respectfully request enhanced communication and a plan of action. While we all “hope” there would be a change or improvement in our area with regards to Covid by this time and certainly by Spring of 2021, the fact is that may not happen, more than likley and thus, there needs to be a clear backup plan. We understand last year the school had to react to an unprecedented situation. But this year there is time and knowledge to take this into account and do a better job. We beseech you to prioritize the experience for our Seniors.  They are missing football games, pep rallies, “Senior Days” and so many memories, worse than the Class of 2020 had to. They haven’t gotten so much as a Senior t-shirt.

Below is a list of just a few specific activities we would like to see addressed and updates/plans communicated immediately.

1) Honor Society inductions: Many seniors who are applying to colleges are looking to be inducted into the various organizations and this normally would have occurred in October. While the usual ceremony at the church is difficult due to social distancing, it seems certainly an option to have this occur in the gym with appropriate social distancing and at least recognize the achievements that some have worked so hard for. Even one guest per inductee can be accommodated and the officers of these organizations can surely be present to present. At least the senior officers of these organizations can a be present without an issue. And even have separate times for juniors and seniors. 
2) Yearbook: While the yearbook is for the entire school, it is a primary memory for Seniors. Senior ad pages are usually submitted this time of year, yet no word. We must have a yearbook for this class. At a minimum, the seniors can be in group pictures for the clubs/organizations (socially distanced) and have other members names listed. The various sports/teams/clubs will be able to provide pics as well. Is anyone even working on this?
3) Calendar dates: We have no dates on the calendar for graduation or prom or any other normal events. Please provide ASAP even if tentative.
4) Academic Awards/Achievements: We are aware that the presentation that was done for the Class of 2020 was unprofessional and poorly prepared, however we understand again the surprise nature of the spring events due to Covid. We would like to know the school has plans to provide an alternate professional presentation for this years class.  
5) Prom? Is there any plans for this? There are venues large enough to meet the guidelines for this senior class. Even if there is no dancing, there can be a dinner, decorations and photographs, etc.
6) Graduation: Many other high schools in 2020 were able to hold some level of a graduation and we expect CGHS to do similar. Our field is substantially large enough, screens and a stage can be erected..what are the plans?
These are your future alumni that you will look to for support. Its time to step up and make this year count. Stand out and be better! You have many families that have shown support and love for this school and willing to help but there cannot continue to be such an obvious lack of interest or effort. Being at a private Catholic school is far beyond the academics, it should be a sense of pride and community that you show to your students. They are doing their part as best they can in a difficult time. We are simply asking for the administration to do the same. 
Thanking you in advance for your prompt attention and reply to these matters.

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