February 1, 2022
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Why this petition matters

Started by Rashid Seidu


My attention has been drawn to some unfortunate irregularities wallowing around the ongoing
preparation leading to the election new TEIN-UG executives. It is my hope that this write up
reaches able, well-wishers and National TEIN council who pray for the success of TEIN in all
other tertiaries translating into the general success of NDC in the coming 2024 National election.
As a concerned TEIN-UG member, I have noted some irregularities going on in our current
election process of which if care and resolution is not given, there is going to be a divided TEIN-UG chapter which will tarnish the image of our abled fraternity. These irregularities are,
To begin with, a communique\ letter was received dated 24th January 2022 from a committee
publishing vetting results. This letter stated that, there were some contestants who picked their
forms from an unapproved source of which indirectly was referring to those who picked their
forms from the office of the EC to be unapproved and that clemency had been pleaded for these
candidates to pick their forms from the approved office. This letter further indicated the results of
some candidates who have been vetted and results showcased and unopposed candidates being
declared. On this same day, I received a letter dated 25th January, 2022 with Reference
TEIN\EC\22\00 coming from the Electoral commission stating it is set to begin its vetting, this
letter was signed by the Electoral commissioner himself. As it stands now, common floor TEIN
concerned members like myself is confused as to which of this letters are authentic.
I want to state that, this is so disheartening, giving and opening up doors for our opponents to make
mockery and tarnish our image. From the above, it unfortunately looks like UG-TEIN is getting
divided already which I pray don’t and never happens. Some have done an aspect and already
seeing congratulatory messages and today is also set for the EC to hold it vetting. Where is all
this leading TEIN-UG?
On Monday last week, a vetting was held at the school of performing arts. From my investigations,
those who picked their nominations from the constituency office had to be vetted and another
group who picked their nominations from Legon Annex C came there to be vetted of which the
Authorities had to call the other important stakeholders that those who picked their forms at the
Legon Annex c were misled. As deliberations were ongoing, The EC came around that all those
who picked their forms at the Legon Annex C must be vetted and these group went according to
the information from the EC. Furthering my investigation were names mentioned to which I prefer
to keep anonymous, came around to cause an uproar at the venue for the vetting wanting to fight
an aspirant. Some of these guys equally were demanding lump sums and as a results, the vetting
had to be moved to the constituency office to continue with the vetting.
This is honestly a shameful act which will not make the general NDC get to it promise land. This
petition is aimed at calling on our abled stakeholders to intervene and make sure things are resolved
and everything moves peacefully and successfully.
Senior Comrades, I therefore call on you to intervene as soon as possible to bring this hoity to an
end if not I doubt if the election will come off successfully, I am pleading to all stakeholders to do
something before all this gets out of hand if possible a layout procedures should be set out on which the constituency office will operate on and be under tighter supervision to ensure this canker is brought to a halt.

Thank You.

Yours in Service,
(Concerned TEIN-UG Member)
(University of Ghana Parliament House- Minority member

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Signatures: 45Next Goal: 50
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