Senior Citizens Health Insurance Frauds

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I have my Senior Citizen Parents insured for Health insurance for last more than ten years.The premium for same has grown multiple times during these years and paid a high premium of Rs 27805 to Bajaj Allianz  last year.This year the premium quoted is Rs 64178.This when there has been no break in continuity of insurance and also when no claim has been raised since start of policy.

This is being done by company to discourage senior citizens from renewal by quoting exorbitant costs.On being questioned they say that the old product is discontinued and the same is approved by IRDAI and they are well within rights to demand the same.

Appears this is against the vision propagated and there is a strong need to prevent exploitation of senior citizens by such insurance companies taking advantage of lapse and ambiguous policies.This also needs to be seen that how insurance watchdog clears such activities and are not aware of such malpractices widely prevalent

Request support to eradicate this evil as the insurance companies discards those people through whom they have grown the organizations and profits over the years.

The arrogance with respect to senior citizens speaks of strong nexus and weak policy guidelines.Pl support as there may be millions suffering same and may not be having energy and money to fight this menace.