disposing of racist paintings

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Although Seneca high school has gotten rid of the racist red Native American mascot, the degrading Native American caricatures are still displayed in the cafeteria and in the gym. I have also discovered a painting in the theater room. As a student of Seneca high I know that the staff members are open to different cultures and respect others beliefs. We even have a Cultural Extravaganza event every year where students get to introduce and represent their culture.

I find it hypocritical and offensive that these undermining and degrading paintings of indigenous people of America, who are STILL having to defend themselves against ignorance, are still on display. I am not accusing anyone of being racist or prejudiced. Majority of Seneca teachers, scholars, and associates are "Redhawks” (our appropriate mascot now). However these paintings are still up and are not a good look for Seneca as a whole, and again are very offensive. I know it costs to paint over the painting, but I feel that simply taping over them and throwing away the framed painting would show how genuinely open minded Seneca high is.

These pictures undermine individuals like me, with a Native background. It mostly dismisses the history of the Natives of America. As if the history is too trivial to even care about how Native Americans are portrayed. Even though this Is not the mindset of Seneca, the walls show otherwise.

Disposing of these pictures would not only show that Seneca is welcoming to every culture and ethnic background. It would also mean that Seneca is not part of the ignorance and is educated enough to know that these paintings open up a room of hate.