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World Pneumonia Day is November 2nd!

We must stop ignoring pneumonia deaths:

Pneumonia kills more children than AIDS, malaria and measles combined.
Pneumonia kills close to two million children under the age of five.
Children should no longer die because it is difficult to spell and market P-N-E-U-M-O-N-I-A

Take action:

1. Learn more
2. Understand what a child goes through when they are suffering from pneumonia
3. Join us on Facebook
4. Tweet!
5. Sign a petition to our representatives
6. Share pneumonia stories
7. Give vaccines - just $20 protects a child for life against the two deadliest strains of pneumonia
8. help communities treat pneumonia
9. Play vocabulary games at - the more right answers you get the more vaccines the site will donate on your behalf. It doesn't cost you anything but time
10. Be inspired!

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