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Send Morgan Schulz, HOME!!

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We all know the judicial system can make mistakes. This mistake has already cost Natasja Odell's big brother ten years and could potentially cost him his whole life. He had an altercation with a man. Who hasn't had problems at some point? He was 20 and had no access to good legal representation. He was sentenced to 99 years in a maximum security Minnesota prison for a case that is far from clear-cut and watertight all because he couldn't afford quality legal representation. He's a UK citizen born in the UK but is sentenced in a way which means he will spend his entire life in a USA 6x9 concrete cell alone.. You can look up our story at , that will explain what had happened to lead them to be separated but what is being asked is this. Please help us to bring him home to stand a fair trial. He has served ten years already and he is accepting of his sentence. We need to help him go home to stand a fair chance and give him the right to a fair and proper trial not to cheat the sentence he was given but to have all the factors acknowledged. He fought with a man, he acknowledges his mistake, but here are the facts. He was given a drug which is called LSD. This drug leads to hallucinations. He was therefore of diminished responsibility. He had reason to fear this mans intentions and reacted. He left the man alive. Another man had found the "allegedly dead" body and stood in court and swore he had removed items from the crime scene which could be detrimental to the drug dealer's reputation, but was never asked to specify what . Morgan is not a bad man. He worked as a tutor in the facility for less than advantaged kids. He has studied and received diplomas and certifications. He made a huge mistake fighting with this man and he regrets and recognizes his errors. However, he is no killer. Please help us to help him. We need $5,000 to pay the attorney to bring him home and have him stand trial as a UK citizen at home. We need publicity and fundraising ideas and help. Please share this petition with everyone and help spread awareness of this situation. Time is of the essence. We are worried for him and not just that, but miss him as well. His niece and nephew miss him so much. Please remember this story. There is a documentary out on channel 4 in the UK. We will keep you all updated. Thank you so much for your support help. Please sign at the designated link.

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