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Petitioning Jim Carberry and Heather Clish

Send a thank you to Jim Carberry and Heather Clish for sharing their stories

To bring Death with Dignity to Massachusetts, a tremendous network of supporters provided financial and vocal support, and several volunteers made a commitment to share their stories in public speaking venues all over the state. Two individuals, in particular, shared intimate personal stories about their loved ones' experiences with death, poignantly illustrating the need for Death with Dignity. We'd like to acknowledge their hard work and dedication. Please join us in thanking them.

Letter to
Jim Carberry and Heather Clish
Thank you for your dedicated support of Death with Dignity. Your selflessness in sharing your own personal stories helped many people in Massachusetts better understand the proposed Death with Dignity Act.

Because of your generosity, support for Question 2 stayed strong through an advertising barrage of misinformation, and the slim margin of defeat shows people of the Commonwealth are ready for an open and honest debate about Death with Dignity.