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Shut down United Airlines

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Watching the horrific events of a passenger being injured and dragged off a United Airlines flight to make seats available to United Airlines staff was beyond disturbing. This man was a doctor. As the blood dripped from this innocent man's face the shock and horror of men women and children on the plane crying from fear we call on Oscar Munoz to step down from United Airlines and inact reform for this once historical and beloved Airline. To allow police officers on a plane to forcibly drag an innocent civilian and all you have to say is we are looking into it. There wasn't even a medic called to tend to the man's injuries, clearly in traumatic shock is this the way a corporation is to treat people and especially a paying customer, someone who purchased their ticket to go home. This is not legal who is the head of the law enforcement team that allowed this to happen to someone who was not a criminal all because airlines now practice overbooking at every turn for every penny they can get. An airline is supposed to take care of its passengers, carry them to safety look out for them because they are trained and have value and pride in their work. This is not the case at United Airlines and these trickle down management issues come from the top Oscar Munoz is not fit to run this organization and we ask that every person boycott United Airlines until he steps down and reform is made within the depths and levels of the company itself. No one needs to be treated like this please let's join together to not give another dime to an airline who does not care about its customers. 

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