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Petitioning Senators Maria Cantwell and Patty Murray

Support The Washington Health Security Trust!

The Washington Health Security Trust (HB1096/SB5609) would provide--

- Real comprehensive health care under single payer would include medical, dental, vision, mental health, physical therapy, long term or hospice care, medical equipment and prescription drugs.

- Free choice of practitioners—no more constantly shifting and limited preferred provider lists.

- Lower drug prices from bulk purchasing.

- No denial of coverage. No exceptions for “experimental” procedures or pre-existing conditions.

- No deductibles... Possible modest co-pays.

- Businesses and individuals would pay much less. Businesses pay 1% of payroll up to $500,000 per year and 10% for all payroll above that. Individuals 18-64 pay $125/month ($75/month over 65) with optional employer subsidies and state subsidies for low income people.

- An estimated 56,000 jobs, $6.8 billion more in business revenue, $2.2 billion in wages and $1 billion in increased state revenues.

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