Require a REFERENCE & Universal Background Checks for Gun Purchases

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No one has a problem when they are asked to provide a few references in order to get a job. It makes sense, as it's a big responsibility. Why shouldn't we require a REFERENCE when someone wants to buy a deadly weapon and/or a bunch of ammo? Hunters, recreational users, and law abiding citizens who just want to defend their families should have no problem getting just 1 other person (friend or family who are a US citizen with no criminal background) to vouch that they are responsible enough to own such a weapon, right? How often do we hear after these mass shootings that the shooter was exhibiting odd behavior / warning signs that were well known to everyone they associated with regularly, even though they hadn't yet committed a crime and were not already on a no-buy list? Mandating a reference before a gun purchase would make it much more difficult for those with well known mental/behavioral problems to just walk in and purchase a shotgun/semi-automatic from someone who knows NOTHING about them. Couple that with required background checks for EVERY sale or gift, whether it's online, gun show or private transaction. Pretty simple and still allows ALL law abiding citizens to keep their 2nd Amendment rights.

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