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Save the Affordable Care Act (Obamacare)

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Congress is trying to repeal Obamacare also known as The Affordable Care Act. They never liked this health care law and now that it is Republican controlled, they are using this power they have to do so. They don't seem to understand that this health care law gave an estimated 20-22 million Americans health care. Some of these Americans never had health insurance until this law came into place. With both houses attempting to take away their health insurance, many Americans will lose their access to health care. They also don't understand that it did more than just give millions health insurance, it also changed our health care system. It changed how doctors get paid; they get paid based on patient care and the quality care they gave to their patients, as before they got paid on how many tests they did and that can lead to greedy doctors to give patient unnecessary tests in order to get more money. Obamacare also determined what health insurance has to cover such as mental health, prescriptions, birth control pill, pregnancy, delivery, pre-mental care etc. The law also CANNOT deny coverage to anyone who has a preexisting condition. This point was very important to millions of Americans as before, if you had a preexisting condition, you would not be covered. Obamacare also allowed young adults to stay on parents plan until the age of 26. If Congress repeal this health care law, then it will make America's health care system great. On top of that, the Republicans don't even have a plan that will replace Obamacare. Instead they will repeal it and see what happens in the coming years. I understand that they didn't like and since they have the power of making laws and repealing them, they can do so. However, if they will do that, you need to have a backup plan that will replace Obamacare, they can't just repeal it and have no idea what to replace it with. That's not a  brilliant plan to say the least. Also not repealing it and not have a backup plan will not make America great again, as the Democrats, specifically Senator Chuck Schumer states, it will only make America sick again. However, it is clear that if they do come up with a backup plan then they will choose what health insurance companies can cover and not cover. For example they will most likely tell health insurance companies not to cover the birth control pill like Obamacare did mainly because Republicans are not in favor of the pill. That is unfair and that's why I am fighting along wtih other Americans the repealment of this law as the backup plan will mostly likely cater to what Republicans want insurance companies to cover and it will not be catering to the American people. Please sign this petition as your signature will state that you want the ACA to stay in place and that you want to keep it as the health care law in the U.S. Also signing this petition states that if the Republicans do succeed in replacing Obamcare that they make sure they have a backup plan that caters to every American and also keeps improving the American health care system. Your signature also states that despite Congress having a lot of power we also have a lot power of our own. We have the right to petition, as guaranteed by the First Amendment. If we get tons of signatures, it forces those that this petition is for to further confront the problem and it either allows the ACA to stay in place or force the Congress to have a backup plan that caters to every American. Also, those who were wondering why I care about the ACA so much it's because I hope to become a doctor and a law like this will play an important role in my journey to become a doctor. It directly affects every patient regardless of health status and since doctors care for the sick, it is important for doctors to protect this law as them seeing their patients along with their coverage. Together we can #SaveACA!

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