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Petition for Relief #8: People’s Open Books Act. 

If any business or corporation or person or religious entity of any type, takes your money as tithes,  investments, dues etc., this act would allow you to examine their books.  the Utah State Bar does not disclose its books to dues paying members.  The Mormon and Catholic churches, the same. International non profits are prime for money laundering with good hearted donations.

Our tithes unknowingly went to the Mormon hierarchical "family" run corporation,  to literally build a nation within our beloved U.S.

To make the U.S. a theocratic monarchy with the Mormon Prophet as king of the world, or president pro tem of the world.

sounds crazy?  How about this, the  "roots' of Utah are no longer the U.S. Constitution and law, but are now since 1993, "rooted" in ever changing Mormon temple sworn mormon Justices' edict!

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