Chrystul Kizer, at16,raped,sold into sex,faces life sentence for killing man who did this.

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At age 16, Chrystul Kizer, Kenosha, WI, was raped and sold for sex by Randy Volar. Prior to his death, Volar had been arrested for sex crimes  on charges of child enticement, using a computer to facilitate a child sex crime, and second-degree sexual assault of a child. Photo and video evidence found at his home indicated that Kizer was one of his victims. Without explanation, Volar was released from jail the day after his arrest, without bail, and remained free until the night Kizer shot him. Kizer killed Volar because he had drugged her and tried rapping her.

When police searched Volar's home, they found computers and other electronics with videos and photos of him having sex with girls who appeared to be as young as 12. They also came across a bank account with $1.5 million in transfers; activity consistent with sex trafficking. The district attorney's office allegedly tried to withhold the evidence against Volar from Kizer's defense team, arguing that they didn't have the right to review the case file.  Despite Kizer's lawyers seeking to apply an 'affirmative defense' under a state law which shields victims of sex trafficking, allowing them to be acquitted of certain charges if they can prove they committed the crime because they were being trafficked, a judge ruled on December 9 that the defense did not apply to Kizer's case. Kizer's lawyer's are preparing to appeal that ruling while she remains in jail.

We all know how cases like this can turn out in a courtroom. How someone like Chrystul Kizer will be depicted not as a victim but as one who put herself in this situation. The evidence is clear: Volar was involved in raping and selling children and young girls for sex trafficking.  Chrystul Kizer put an end to more victims of Volar's. Chrystul Kizer's life was taken from her as well as the lives of many others.What if any of these girls were your daughter, granddaughter, sister, niece? Ask yourself: Why is the legal system so quick to protect these criminals and re-victimize the victims? Who are the real criminals? It's time to demand changes from our lawmakers! Sign Chrystul Kizer's petition - set her free!