Cap of $100 out of pocket monthly for all insulin users in North Carolina.

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Let us, as a state, be on the front-line to stop price gouging of life saving insulin. 

If other states can cap the the cost of insulin to $100 per month, per person than we can too. In 2017, 10% of North Carolina citizens were listed as uninsured. 

Our residents should not have to make choices between food on the table or the purchase of this life saving drug. 

"Insulin costs about $2.28 and $3.42 per vial... according to the study in BMJ Global Health", per a recent article in the Business Insider. 

According to an article in the New York Times "The average price of insulin, versions of which have been around since the 1920s, roughly doubled to about $450 a month in 2016 from around $234 a month in 2012, according to the Health Care Cost Institute."

On a personal note, while traveling back and forth to NC and FL, my husband misplaced a vial of insulin. We inquired about purchasing a vial without insurance and the cost quoted to us was $800. We were told that we could possibility get a discounted rate if we called the drug manufacture directly and inquired about a coupon. After two days of worrying about finding an extra $800 we found that through rationing the next 4 days he was able to get a refill through his insurance. 

Many of you may have read the national story headlines last year of a young Minnesota man that died because he was "rationing" his insulin. He couldn't afford to pay $1,300 out of pocket monthly for this life saving drug. $1,300 for anyone is the cost of 3 car payments or rent for a 3 bedroom house.

In this article from NPR "Colorado estimated that 1 in 4 insulin users rationed their medicine because of the cost."

North Carolina ---- Let us be better and do better!