Eliminate the Statute of limitation in Medical Malpractice case in South Carolina

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South Carolina Medical malpractice statute of limitation longer than 2 years and eliminate required expert witness to file the case in court.

My son, Dwight,  was killed by trainee doctors at Medical University of South Carolina on November 24, 2015, His lungs was hemorrhaging after bronchoscopy, the pulmunologist did not report the bleeding to my son's primary doctors, she reported alveolitis by phone. The escort took my son back to his regular room without any special care, no imaging done, no close observation, then my son passed out after few hours. The PG 2 general surgery trainee punctured his lung when he inserted the chest tube then he was transfused with uncrossmatch blood, 4 units within 12 to 15 minutes, All these bleeding and transfusion made my son's abdomen bloated, I have a picture of him after he died. The autopsy stated he died of natural cause, and described his abdomen flat. The lawyers can not find specialist that will witness against MUSC, the 2 year statute of limitation has expired, consequently the lawyers can not bring the case to court. The doctors will not be responsible for the catastrophic tragedy they caused. We need justice for Dwight. 


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