Stop the monopoly, we need more economical alternatives for ALL school uniforms

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Lets send a clear message to our schools and the Education Department that 'We have all had enough of the monopoly that 'uniform suppliers' have over our families courtesy of our local schools Uniform Policy.'

It doesn't matter where you live you have probably had the almost tear jerking experience of paying for school uniforms. It really is diabolical that you see similar looking and similar quality (although they insist their items are better quality, seriously how long do your kids uniforms last?) clothing items in Best and Less, Kmart and Target. Yet because a uniform supplier stuck the school logo on that clothing item it now costs double and sometimes quadruple the price of items we see everyday in Best & Less, Kmart and Target (do the school uniforms last double or quadruple the time of the other options?? and how do I stop my children from growing out of them to justify the price?).

How is it fair for schools to force families to purchase from only one supplier? There is no competition or alternative, there is no economical option and our kids are punished for not having the 'correct uniform' by their schools and its not right or fair.

We no longer have the school kids bonus to help families cope with this issue and all basic necessity prices are going up (food, fuel, utilities etc). I read this article (see link below) the other day and thought 'what are our priorities as a society?', why are we letting people suffer like this?

These issues affect all families, regardless of income bracket, it just hurts more when you get a little less to start with. Lets look at the first thing that schools say when you raise this issue, 'we need all the funding we can get' well according to this article they get funding from the government and charge us fee's too so really are we getting what we need from our schools too?

"More funding for Australian schools
From 1 January 2018, the Australian Government's Quality Schools package will see recurrent school funding grow to record levels, increasing by more than $1 billion every year for the next ten years.

This is real growth, with average funding per student projected to increase faster than inflation.

The Australian Government will invest a total of $249.8 billion in recurrent school funding over the next ten years. Recurrent funding will grow from $17.5 billion in 2017 to $31.1 billion in 2027."

Sign this petition and send your message to all those in power to make changes for our society.

Department of Education and Training Senator the Hon Simon Birmingham Minister for Education and Training

Secretary of the Department of Education and Training.
Dr Michele Bruniges AM

Associate Secretary Tony Cook PSM

Deputy Premier and Minister for Education, the Hon. James Merlino MP

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