For ALL television broadcasters in Australia to be equally accountable for their content

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We, the undersigned, are in agreement, that all television broadcasters should be held accountable for the content of their programming. In particular that which is specifically targeted at children under the age of consent. 

Recently, it has come to light that the ABC have been advertising a program which, not only breeches the Broadcasting Services Act 1992, but is also in violation of the law, by showing content on a television channel with a target audience of children well under the age of consent, depicting the participation of children in The Sydney madi gras. 

Given that madi gras is filled with sexual inuendo and is a blatant celebration of sexuality, it has no place on children’s television programming. 

We call on the Minister to hold all public broadcasters accountable equally and under the umbrella of a SINGLE governing body, without exception.

whilst the world is changing and we, as adults are forced to live in a largely unregulated and liberal society, we ask that you, sir, assist parents, teachers and the Australian society in maintaining the innocence of children. 

In the event that your office fails to act in the interests of children, we consider this to be cause for a class action against your department for the sake of the welfare of our children.