Discounted Internet for Pensioners

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Well I've had this in my mind for a while. Not yet on the aged pension but it's coming. Trying to work out how I can afford internet services at home???

It is so much apart of everyone's life, pay bills, be in contact with government services. MyGov website essential for most of the population. Other things such as streaming, not just entertainment but also future stuff like doctors etc. Pensioners get discounts for local government rates, electricity and car registration. How about the BIG telcos offering such discounts for  their very important (necessary) services.

My daughter in law has great points too.

Living in city and suburbs a larger choice of provider is available but still cost inhibitive for pensioners. In regional areas the choice of provider is limited if you actually want a service that works. They just happen to be the more costly ones.

We encourage older people to learn and use the Internet. For those who can and do it allows them to be free from visits to banks and the post office where the older people go to pay their bills. There are many elderly in regional areas that find it extremely difficult to do this because of access and mobility problems.

The internet stimulates mental health, reduces isolation by keeping people in contact with their families, children/grandchildren and friends. There are great benefits keeping people occupied, informed and less likely to end up sick or in homes.

So many pros for affordable internet for pensioners.

I'm sure you can think of many more!

PLEASE give some thought to signing this petition. Everyone gets older and you never know the circumstances that you might end up in. 


Let's all encourage the Minister of Communications Senator Mitch Fifield to act on this petition and call for