We are need your help to expose the Chinese Governments atrocities against the Uighur

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Fellow humans, calling all honest people to help. this is petition isn't about muslims only it is about injustice by the Chinese government.

In miserable scenes reminiscent of Nazi Germany, Australia should not stand idle while a humanitarian catastrophe manifests itself in our region. The indigenous Uighur communities are being stripped of their basic human rights.

We request from the Australian government to do its part to highlight the Australian Values of fairgo and freedom of worship with the Chinese government. To also address the atrocities;

  1. Systematic ethnic cleansing
  2. Concentration camp mass imprisonment where Uighur's are forced to forget their identities
  3. Denounce God and disbelief in God and renounce God
  4. Forced indoctrination into the Chinese Communism
  5. Forced name changes
  6. Forced abortions
  7. Forced marriages


To allow Australian Media access and report on the Uighur concentration camps also referred to as reeducation camps.