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Asking Senator Scott Weiner to Help Legalize Ferrets

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My group is asking for an appointment with Senator Weiner. I spoke to Senator Weiner about two months ago – Assemblywoman Laura Friedman mentioned to us that Senator Weiner had some interest in ferrets. But at the time Senator Weiner said he wasn’t ready to move forward.

Since then we petitioned the California Fish and Game Commission asking them to issue permits for ferrets as they had done in the past. (Ending in 1985 for neutered male ferrets.)

We got a cockamamie (love that word) response that the Commission does not allow wild animals as pets.

Much to my surprise Eric Sklar, the president called me. He told me that for them to proceed would require a full blown EIR; that Fish and Game would require $250,000 at the start but they always run over and to expect to be billed $600,000. And then everyone would end up in court . We’d all be poorer, frustrated and ferrets still not legal.

He also told me that he doesn’t care if people have ferrets or not, that he doesn’t support the current “don’t ask, don’t tell” policy. At our first conversation I asked him for a letter of support or at the very least a letter I could send to legislators saying that he believes the issue belongs in the legislature where there would not be an EIR requirement. He seemed open to the idea. But yesterday he called and said he can’t do that and suggested I pull his comments from the official tape of the meeting, which I will do.

So now we’re stuck. We have not been able to attract a legislative sponsor for ten years. But the trend is changing. People used to laugh at us for wanting ferrets legal. People are now laughing at the Fish and Game Commission for maintaining such an archaic law and calling domestic ferrets “wild animals.”

Would you ask Senator Weiner if he’d meet with a group of ferret owners in his San Francisco office and help us move forward?

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