Senator Scarnati your prayers aren’t enough! Protect Pennsylvania children from sex abuse

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We all know what happens when a child is sexually abused, right? They tell someone who believes them. That person calls the police. There is an investigation and a trial. It’s a long and stressful ordeal, but the bad guy goes to prison and the child experiences justice. Right?

Unfortunately, that rarely happens. Researchers know survivors need, on average, 21 years to talk about their abuse. And most states, like Pennsylvania, have Statutes of Limitation (SOL) on the crime that keep most victims out of court and keep most abusers on the streets, around kids.

It has to stop. And removing the SOL and allowing adult victims one year to seek convictions in civil court is a crucial first step. Please, sign this petition to tell our elected officials to end PA’s SOL for child sexual abuse and allow one year for retroactive justice.